Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Week 1: Artist Challenge

K so ben just informed me that Concept has a weekly challenge: Creature of the Week
this is this weeks.
also check out this blog:

Alrighty. so as you may or may not know. A few of us are trying to stay active in drawing and painting; so we have proposed a fun little Bi-weekly art challenge.
here is how it goes. The blog will be the main posting forum, and the challenge will change on a two week basis.

Week1: This will be a warm up, to see how it all flies, to see if anyone is even interested.

This weeks challenge has been inspired by Jim Graves and his sketch jam motif.

oooga booga. So basically you have 2 weeks, post up some concept monsters, it can be anything you want, be creative and have fun. Sketches and painted work is accepted
see you soon guys! have fun and hope your creatures will amuse you!

remember anyone can do this! so spread the word

p.s. this is a great way to put those muscles into action! i know for a fact we all could have done better in life drawing; so lets use that knowledge and put it in creatures that do not exist!!

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Nicole said...

awww i thought we were gonna do austinisms...
oh well.... that's gonna be challenge numbah 2 then haha
yay! im drawing!