Saturday, April 18, 2009

tell me what you think. any feedback

*and i changed the lats on the back of the last pose. it looked like a carapace. Just not updated here*


DOOSE said...

Looking really good man, alot more dynamic, facial expressions are alot more expressive. The only pose still lacking in both is, i think, pose 7.
even if you just chose 1 limb to bend, i think that would add alot. as well, even an eyebrow line, or if hes lost the hair itself, just a line to accentuate the ridge. the torn skin on pose 8 is amazing! really gets the point across, as well as the spurts of blood in all tho poses to add points of interest to the silhouette. Great work, im substantially jealous of the the readability of your transformation.

Benjamin Alepko said...

Its turning out quiet nice. I only have a problem with the first 3 poses. I dont really feel the balance in the first pose. HIs head is kinda big so to me he looks like hes going to just fall over. And the second and third pose are exactly the same with a changed facial expression. I think you should have one of those 2 poses slightly change so it gives more variety... Just a maybe have the hand thats resting on the hip scratch his head or something.