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Week 1: Artist Challenge

K so ben just informed me that Concept has a weekly challenge: Creature of the Week
this is this weeks.
also check out this blog:

Alrighty. so as you may or may not know. A few of us are trying to stay active in drawing and painting; so we have proposed a fun little Bi-weekly art challenge.
here is how it goes. The blog will be the main posting forum, and the challenge will change on a two week basis.

Week1: This will be a warm up, to see how it all flies, to see if anyone is even interested.

This weeks challenge has been inspired by Jim Graves and his sketch jam motif.

oooga booga. So basically you have 2 weeks, post up some concept monsters, it can be anything you want, be creative and have fun. Sketches and painted work is accepted
see you soon guys! have fun and hope your creatures will amuse you!

remember anyone can do this! so spread the word

p.s. this is a great way to put those muscles into action! i know for a fact we all could have done better in life drawing; so lets use that knowledge and put it in creatures that do not exist!!

Bill suddick: "How I draw good caricatures"

1. Make sure you get good reference for your subject. Try to get photos which actually look like them, Different angles are good.

2. With a front view, try to determine the overall shape of the head. Is it more round than square? Is it long? Is it wide? Does it resemble the shape of an object? (an egg, a pear, a banana, a bottle?)

3. Take note of t he dominate features and make them even more dominant. Make a big nose bigger, wide set eyes wider. I'll sometimes squint my eyes to blur the image making it easier to see the dominant features.
Another trick is to hold the photo up to a round, shiny surface such as an electric kettle. The reflection distorts the features of the face nicely, enabling you to see what they'll look like when exaggerated.

4. Make noticeably small features even smaller. Minimize or Omit

5. Look at how features are arranged on the face. If they're concentrated in the center squeeze 'em even closer together. Are they spread out horizontally? Spread them wider. Which way do the eyebrows slant?

6. Observe your victim's hair line. See where it starts in proportion to the rest of the face. Look at the shape of the hair. A person's hairstyle may be their distinctive trade mark (Donald trump). Look at texture- Is it curly, wavy, thinning, straight, wispy, fuzzy, kinky, non-existent?

7. Study the shapes of the facial features, especially the eyes

8. Try to draw the caricature with as few lines as possibly. This is called economy of line.

9. Make a number of sketches. Fool around with size and alignment of features. Play with shapes. Experiment to see what gives you the best likeness. Put your sketches away. Come back to them later and see if any one 'jump' out at you.

10. Some final tips: try turning your reference photo upside down to give you a fresh look. Something might become a little more obvious to you. To keep the face symmetrical turn your sketch over and look at it from the other side using a light-box. If your subject's face is way out if shape it will immediately become obvious to you.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

DAY 1 of grandma crossing project

umm this is jsut a heads up from urs truly that today ive kinda started pumping up some sketches today (without nicole or mikes permission mbad) anyway this is jsut a note but ill probably be posting up some sketches by today for sure sorry i couldnt post them up earlier (job hunting with craigslist) but defintley by today ill hav somthing up for everybody to see

Hi everyone!!


Anyway.... hope everyone's having a stupidly sunny summer so far!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

sketch jamm!!

alrighty kids. sketch jamular time

meet at union station at 12 pm sharp! no if an or buts. leaving without u guys at 12:10. i apologize! we're meeting at the front street entrance

south-west side of Front st. @ Jarvis. thats our destination: Take the subway to either Union Station or King Street Station. From Union Station, turn right from the front entrance and walk east along Front Street for 3 blocks. From King Street subway station, the King streetcar runs along (surprise!) King Street and stops at the corner of Jarvis Street, in front of the St. Lawrence Hall.

good luck kids. see you all tomorrow. spread the word


Friday, April 24, 2009

My hyde

This is my Jekyll to Hyde transformation. Overall I'm fairly happy about it.

Holy shit im done

Some parts aren't as pretty as i'd like em to have been, but damnit, its done.


Did somebody say pizza?

Thursday, April 23, 2009



Tuesday, April 21, 2009

LATEST post this is a painting ive done before back at high school originally done in acrylic and illustration board ( A HELL LOAD RESEARCH SURPRISINGLY REQUIRED TO FINISH THE PIECE) overall the work effort the blood, sweat, and tears were worth it in the end. before i posted this i fixed the few details and linings to appear much more clearer with photoshop

Animation History Notes

**** It's not entirely complete... so make sure you also read and study Zub's handout...

Animation History

  • 1944 Clampett:”Buckaroo”, uses extreme exaggeration

  • Famous Studio (formerly Fleischer) did the original Casper

  • Tex Avery: Droopy Cartoon

- post war, Disney financially shaky, need to make films that make money

- puts together film ‘packages’

- starts to use contemporary music

- target audience turned into teenagers

- “Make mine music”

- Clampett: Book Reveu “The Great Piggy Bank Robbery”

- Tex Avery “King Size Canary”

- Disney – Melody Time (a set)

  • Robert Mckimson: Warner Bros famous character contribution – Foghorn Leghorn

  • Chuck Jones: “Rabbit Punch”, well established character

  • Tex Avery: “Bad Luck Blackie”, top 50 best short animation

  • 1949, Chuck Jones did the first Road Runner cartoon, made almost as much as Bugs Bunny, well thought out sequences, little dialogue international audiences

- After WWII, post war bliss in America, but fear of atomic bomb

- Disney started having educational touch to their cartoons

- “Rabbit of Seville”, Bugs Bunny cartoon, opera

- Chuck Jones did “The Scarlet Pumpernickle”, cameos by characters

  • Post war, television was popular, started having cartoons on TV

  • Crusader rabbit: first television animation

  • TV cartoons: shows must be created cheaply (pre-produced is expensive)

UPA Fine Artists, uses shapes, very smooth

“Gerald Mc Boing Boing” no lush backgrounds or detailed animation, simple/minimal amount, not realistic

1952 “Feed the Kitty”, by Chuck Jones, WB, Oscar nominated

1952-1954 WB, 3 cartoons (trilogy) featuring Elmer + Bugs + Daffy

Disney “Toot whistle plunk & boom”, use of UPA style (in wide screen)

1957 TV cartoon, Col. Bleep, who takes interest on earth because of atomic bomb

  • WB starts to get simpler on layout and composition, but focus on line quality

  • “What’s Opera Doc?”: music, staging

  • “Free Radical”: Abstract animation

1959 Rocky & Bullwinkle, first full colour TV Cartoon

1960 Mr. McGoo, only character UPA brought to TV

Hanna Barbera left MGM to form own animated company (realized TV will be big), developed techniques for cheap animation that doesn’t look bad

Chuck Jones takes over Tom and Jerry part 2, phasing out of WB, goes to MGM

PIXAR (1984)

- was financed by Disney

- used programmers to mathematically calculate motion (engineering, programming and artist contribution)

* John Lasseter: Andre and Wally B (1989)

- more like physics simulation rather than character simulation

* Story, design, models, animation by John Lasseter: Juxo Jr. (1955)

  • Red’s Dream (1987)

  • Tin Toy (1988)

  • Knick Knack (1989)

  • Gerrs Game (1997)

  • For the birds (2001)

  • One Man Band (2005)

Chris Landreth * Bingo the Clown (1997)

Bill Plympton * Your Face (1989), How to Kiss (1989)

Disney * Runaway Brain (1995) – attempt to reopen shorts department

Don Hertzfelt * Rejected (2000)

*50 Percent Gray (2001)

Louis Clichy * L’amour (2004), done in flash

Gobelins * Burning Safar (2006)

Supinfaoom * Sigg Jong (2007)

3 Act Play

1/ intro – all elements that make the story introduced (who, where, when), ends when the character makes the decision that can’t go back

2/ conflict – any type of conflict, keeps raising the bars

3/ resolution – can leave questions open but needs resolution

Character Arc somewhere for them to go, character development, something to payoff

Character design- semester 2 final

Its done! :) I'm fairly happy with the turnout; but as always you notice errors immediately after you exhausted all of your energy and time. 40-50 hrs burns you out.
Is there stuff I would love to change? Of course; but for the sake of the project and a finisher to a solid semester, I'm Happy

good luck and God bless.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2009

There's gonna be a kick ass comic art show on May 9th and 10th featuring Kid Koala, Scott McCloud and dozens of other international artists. Plus here's the best part:


Zubby suggested that it would be a cool way to meet some fantastic artists and too shmooze with the local art community. Not to mention a great way for everyone to get together. I'll be there on Sunday the 10th, hope everyone else can make it.

Check this link for more info:  Toronto Comic Arts Festival

Experimentation by Chuck Jones

John K Stuff: Experimentation by Chuck Jones on Looney Tunes Shorts - the "smear"

As Well as:

Also, this blog is a must subscribe to, if you haven't already:

Thanks a lot to Zub, who forwarded this along to us.

P.s. Tuesday's character design class is at 9 am

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Flour Sack Animation

So this is my final animation project.
I think its one of the best animations ive done so far. I didnt really finish the walk cycle. It's missing some inbetweens but Im happy with all the rest.
Big thanks to Christien, Nicole, Michael and others for helping me finish this project!!!!

tell me what you think. any feedback

*and i changed the lats on the back of the last pose. it looked like a carapace. Just not updated here*

Friday, April 17, 2009

Historical Layout

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Interesting News Article

It's an article about a student at Sheridan College that scored an internship at LucasArts. But forget the article check out the link to his demo reel at the bottom. It's also got some pictures of this guys layout designs and life drawings. Pretty amazing stuff.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Monday, April 13, 2009


just a simple practice on photoshop considering my hands were never meant for photoshop painting so i decided to practice a bit

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Muscle Actions

Upper and Lower arm:
brachialis : flexes forearm

Tricep: Extend the forearm at elbow joint

Bicep: Flexes forearm, rotatoes radius outward

Coracoid-Brachialis: draws arm forward and sideways, rotates outward

Anconeus: extends forearm

Pronator Teres: Flexes and pronates forearm, pronates hand

flexor carpi radialis: Flexes wrists and bends up

Supinator: Supinates forearm


Trapezius: Rotates scapula by lifting lateral end (the outside part) and pulls medial end (inside) downward. Also helps by holding together

Teres minor: Draws humerous outwards, and rotatoes arm backwards (adduction)

Teres major: Draws humerous outward and rotates backward

Deltoid: Abduction of arm, draws humerous forward and backward

Supraspinatus: upwards

Subscapularis: inwards


Serratus Anterior: Pulls shoulderblade forward (punches)

Pec Minor: Depresses point of shoulder (keeps arm in)

Pec Major: Adduction (draws arm downward and raises it up), moves upper limbs toward centre

Rhomboids: adduct scapula

External and Internal Obliques: Twist body

Rectus Abdominus (abs): Flexs/crunches

Lower Body:

Gluteus Maximus: Extension of thigh; adduction and lateral rotation of thigh; important in standing up right. Connection to Illio-Tibial band

Gluteus Medius: Abduction; lateral and medial rotation of inward thigh. Connection to Illio-Tibial band

Tensor Fasciae Latae: flexes and adducts the thigh, extends leg. Connection to Illio-Tibial band

Rotator Cuff of the femur: Piriformis (abducts and out), Objurator Internus (slight outward rotation), Gemellus superior and inferior (weak outward rotation), Quadratus Femoris (adduction and outward rotation)

Sartorius: Flexes les and thigh, medial rotation (crosses leg)

Quadriceps: Rectus Femoris (ontop), Vastus Lateralis (outside), Vastus Medialis (inside, teardrop shape), Vastus Intermedius (joins four heads); Extendsand flexes thigh. Mechanism of upright stance

Adductors: Adducts, lateral and outward rotation of thigh, flex; Adductor magnus, Pectineus, Adductor Longus, Adductor Brevis, Gracilis

Hamstrings: Biceps Femoris (flexes leg, extends thigh; outward rotation), Semitendinous ( flexes leg, inward rotation, extends thigh), Semimembranous (flexes leg, extends thigh)

Gastrocnemius: flex foot (toes down) and leg. Adducts foot, important in walking and standing upright. Plantar Flexion **

Soleus: Extends foot . Plantar flexion **

Tibialis: Flexes sole of foot, adduction and medial rotation

Tibialis Anterior: dorsal flex (arch in foot and up)

Peroneus Brevis and Longus: movement of the sole of the foot away from the median plane (heel outward)

Extensor Digitorm Longus: Extends toes, dorsal flex (up) **

Flexor digitorum longus: flexes toes and soles of foot. Adduction of foot

**Plantar flexion is the movement which increases the angle between the foot and the leg, as when depressing an automobile pedal. The word "plantar" translates as "toward the sole".
The movement in the opposite direction is dorsal flexion. **

Zub's cool line art tutorial

Cool way of selecting the line art:


Hey, definitely behind on this assignment, but here are some poses i've finished for the most part, as well as a semi finished paint up.

Werner's Labelled muscle diagram

Apparently the link on the school website went dead. I found this in my camera, so i figured i'd post it here. Could still be of use to someone!

Friday, April 10, 2009

this is another painting i did of a decietful fortune i was working with ALOT OF MULTIPLY TOOLS WHIOLE PAINTING THIS AND IT TURNED OK PRETTY COOL.......and yeah

this is a little redoe of one of my digital paintings my first one was much more colorful but INCREDIBLY FLAT...sssssooooooooo i wanted to try ands do osmthing with a little monochrome and with a help of a little band called the "fray" i actually enjoyed working on this

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

first Hyde

10:30 - 2:00 (around 4-5hrs) including fucking around and not quite sure how i was going to handle it

to be honest. not my favourite. but i gave it tits. and I LOVE the veins, I dunno i fell in love with the emboss filter on the layer effects it can do anything!

Monday, April 6, 2009

my first hyde pose

here's my first painted key. took about 5 hours...Too much fun it was.

Greetings and Salutations!

Alright, here i have some of the pictures i took last week in Werner's class. I think everything on the board is covered. Hopefully this will be of help to someone!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Stern pharaoh

its done took about 3 hours. pretty happy with final result mainly because i didn't have to clean it up :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Layout Rough

jeckyl to hyde - need some help

some of these poses suck balls. any suggestions for the ending

It's me

I guess I should put something up. I had fun doing this one.