Friday, April 17, 2009

Historical Layout


Benjamin Alepko said...

Really nice man.
To me it looks like the wall were the princess is standing is a bit of :S
and im pretty sure torches were a bit higher then their head level :P
and the size of the door comparing to the character is i think to small.
But overall its great. The floor looks amazing. Hope you finish your board in time with the same quality :P

DOOSE said...

Thanks man,
Good call on the torches, i shoulda made them smaller and higher, and i think your rigth about the door too.Thanks alot man.
Though i was going for a curved wall where the princess is standing. i might draw a floor plan to clarify that. Im not all that happy with how the archways turned out, ill have to work on that too.
not now though. now i hand it in :)

DOOSE said...

Made the changes :D, show you at school