Sunday, November 15, 2009

Overdue update

Hey guys,

Finally have something interesting to post... this thing is not fully finished... (requires a few more blending tweaks, teeth correction, etc).. but in general heres' my monster

(shrunk it abit.. it was huge)


Konrad said...

Alinka! Good to see you finally posting again.
Monster's looking great. Love that protruding spine. Great colours. It definitely has mass, a sense of weight. Keep refining it, it'll be a great piece!

Sheridan Doose said...

Nice job on this... that spine is bad ass! My only crit would be that the face is looking a bit flat in terms of volumes. Nice painterly look, too.

Aliiina said...

Thanks guys! For your encouraging and insightful comments :)
Definitely going to refine it abit more.