Saturday, October 24, 2009

Failmon uses Fail... It was not succesful

Well it was an attempt. Im trying to limit myself in terms of time. Im not that happy with it. if i have time ill come back to it


Raymond said...

keeping the swamp clean, one sweeping at a time.

Sheridan Doose said...

Very nice job on the form and the cast shadows on the neck area. You could probably lighten the cast shadows up a bit, so they aren't pure black. Some areas are pretty obscure (How the eye fits into the head, the back leg anatomy, where the talons attach to the foot)but the over-all atmosphere is really nice.

Also, fix the enlargement link on your first thumbnail, you stinky little pooper.

Adam Garib said...

Just is the worst thing Ive ever done. ever. I quit lol