Thursday, August 13, 2009

phase two: final phase

this is a brief glimpse of the final painting i think i got the sand dunes down but if anyone like to point out critiques it is most obliged for i could use some right now


Adam Garib said...

A man thats fucking sick!
you've gone so far in just a year man, can't wait to see what ocad can do for you!

What colour scheme are you going for on the turtle?

Adam Garib said...

Perhaps a nasty snapping turtle! like

like its an evil giant sea tortoise carrying an evil castle, filled with evil!

austin sung said...

thanks man cant wait to see wat uve bin doin for the sumemr too man, for color scheme i guess im jsut using alot of dark brown for the values, but im thinking of using orange for some of the details but the final phase in still in work thanks again dude

Niall O loughlin said...

looks great, love that you use real paint.