Friday, May 8, 2009


one night i got bored so i painted this thingy ma bobber


Adam Garib said...

yo man this is sweet. I love your colours. you're getting a ton better

i can see you went a little more concise and clear with the paints.
try some dark dark inbetween the pauldron and his neck, it would really separate the two.
also make sure your drawing underneath is solid, cause the head looks a little wonky. i love it though austin. keep at it!

Adam Garib said...

also nice job on the necklace. it looks really 3d. fan taught me this. take the highlight colour and run a line on the edge that breaks the two faces of the necklace. so like u have the top then the highlight, then the shadow colour

austin sung said...

ic wat u mean adam garib ands thank you but im not saying that i dont give a crap but if only someday u can show me wat u mean someday than i totally think it be 100 percent effective but thank you man