Sunday, March 22, 2009


If my dad and Mel brooks had a baby, this is what he'd look like...after being repeatedly hit in the face 20 times

but otherwise its done :)

wow i made this really look brown
this is it after face lift

Took Konrad's advice: Still looks like my retarted cousin, but a step in the right direction. At least i think


Konrad said...


Ah, even after the 20 blows to the face, he's still smilin'. What a brave little trooper.

A good job overall. Good move narrowing the face and lightening it up a bit.

All the colours on the face are fairly consistent with the skin tones -- the reds and purples are very subtle....It's just a guess, but Barney might suggest you bring them out more as he was urging us to use "colours we're not comfortable with" for this assignment.

I see much more Garib in it than Brooks so...great job man!!

DOOSE said...

Ya man, nice job, i like the revised colours (you can see the purple bruising coming through in those shadows really nicely). good calling getting rid of those whitish highlights too.